Psychic, psychic medium, reader, healer, massage, energy work.

Psychic Medium, Body Work, & Energy Healing



Psychic Medium Reading 

Connecting with your loved ones who have crossed over and receiving healing messages and psychic guidance.

30 Minute Session $80.00

1 Hour Session $150.00


Healing and connecting with your guides, my guides, archangels, ancient ancestors, and angels. Visiting past lives, removing blue printed trauma, and clearing chakras.  Each session gives the client the cleansing of soul.  Removing the toxic energy stored within you energetically.  

Session $150.00

Crystal Indigo Children 

Working with Crystal Indigo children is a blessing.  I am certified and trained in connecting and helping your child connect in society.  By giving them an understanding with evolving each and everyday.  I am also a parent of two Indigo's myself....

Session Cost $75.00

Duration 30 Minutes 

Combo Reading & Energy Work

30 Minute Reading & 30 Minute Energy Healing

Session cost $200.00

Akashic Records & Soul Contracts

This 30 Minute session will connect with luminous light workers. 

Session cost $130.00

Distance Healing

30 Minute session will be distance healing.  I will connect via face time, Skype or by phone.  

Session cost $100.00

Past Life Regression

1 Hour session we will start with a guided prayer and meditation.  Then I will tap into the lives your guides want us to journey.  We will heal any emotions or energetic blocks if needed.

Session cost $130.00

House & Business Clearing

Clearing the negative energy from your home or business and then protecting the space.

Start cost $100.00 
(varies with size of space)

Manifesting Your Soulmate Relationship

This powerful and enlightening session will aid in giving you the tools to connect and manifest your soulmate loving relationship. We will go over how to work with the angels, divine timing, positive affirmations, mediation, and much more... 

Start cost $150.00

Animal Communicator 

Animals play an important role within our lives and families.  Even the animals who have passed.  This 30 minute session will help deepen the relationship with you and your pet.  Communicating the thoughts and wants of the animal.  The charge for the session will be donated to my local animal organization.

Session $130.00

Tarot Card Reading

15 minutes $75.

20 minutes $99.

50 minutes $150.