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Christina DeSoto

 Medium, Psychic Reader, Body Work, & Energy Healing

Healing the Mind, Body, & Soul 

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 Medium, Psychic Reader, Pet Psychic, Healer, Manifesting Soulmates & Your Wants, Akashic Records, House & Office Clearing, Crystal Indigo Children,  Telephone, Skype  Readings & Healing, & Past Life Regression 

My name is Christina, and I am a natural born Psychic, Intuitive Advisor, Tarot and Oracle card reader, Channeler, Animal Communicator, Clairvoyant, Empath, Healer, and Medium and able to access the Akashic records. Since I was very young age, I realized my life was being guided by a higher spirit. My thoughts and visions were clear, and I realized we all have a major purpose for our lives.

It’s an honor to connect deeply with each soul who wishes to learn more about how to grow and thrive. For many years, seekers have been guided to my practice. I know that providing accurate advice and comfort to individuals who cross my path is my chosen journey.

The angels that surround an individual have either passed or are straight from spirit and have been with them since birth. During a reading, I communicate with these spirits and relay the messages. I read on all topics but especially enjoy love, romance, and relationship readings. Everyone needs guidance at times of their lives. My goal is to offer guidance that holds deep insight, love and kindness. Let me show you the path to true enlightenment and happiness.

I am also a mother of two gifted crystal-indigo children and an Indigo myself. I help to nurture these talents within my children. Walking through life, I grew up being aware of sensitive energy and did not understand why no one seemed to understand and feel the same things I did. I try to utilize that experience with my clients.

I started communicating with animals at a very young age – ones who have crossed and the ones who are still with us physically. I continue to know and feel exactly what our animal friends need and want. My love for animals goes beyond words. My own precious animal souls Indigo, Coco Chanel, and Leo have continued to be reincarnated into my life through the years.

As a healer I work with the archangels, guides, and ancient healers. Being unaware of karmic blockages can keep us from moving forward in this life. Studying many forms of massage, I opened myself to the healing energy healing on many levels and parallel energy sources. I knew my hands-on work was unlike the others when clients would be left speechless and uplifted and cleared. Every healing is so very different and an amazing journey.

My moto has always been to live in the present. Love and accept each moment, whether good or bad. Learn from each occurrence and person who enters your life. Then bring each experience to awareness.

I am thankful for each breath I take and each experience which is gifted to me from the heavens above, and I know deep within my soul that things happen for a reason.  

It's an honor to connect deeply with each soul who crosses my path.

Wow.  Christina is extremely gifted. She was able connect and heal out my past wounds.  My relationships have changed because of her healing techniques.  Her peaceful and loving nature makes you feel at ease during an emotional time.  I continue to read and heal with Christina.  She is a gifted soul.


Such a positive uplifting soul, gave me such helpful information for my day to day activities as well as for my future.  I highly recommend Christina, her strong abilities are able to get answers you are looking for!!


It is great confidence that I call on and see this amazing individual.  Her insightful knowledge and ability to pause, reflect, and read spirit, card and other gifts have guided me to a place of strength.  I remember well the connection made that very first time meeting her.  She is source of inspiration and I look forward to continued growth and healing with her daily thoughts and prayers!! Peaceful strength, joy, confidence , and love.