Psychic, psychic medium, reader, healer, massage, energy work.

Christina DeSoto

For many years, seekers have been guided to my practice. It’s an honor to connect deeply with each soul with wishes to learn more about how to grow and thrive.


 At a very young age I realized that a higher spirit guides my life. My thoughts and visions have always been clear. I use psychic and intuitive energy to guide my readings and healing work

 I became a massage therapist in 1996. I learned that my hands could help heal my clients. As I have evolved as a healer, and through my education and learning, I have become more proficient in bodywork and energy healing.

 I began to connect with people and visions would come in very clearly. I started to tune in to individuals’ energy by sensing elements from their past, present and future. Using my psychic intuition I deliver messages to my clients.


 As a seeker myself, I have experienced many types of healers and healings. I have become aware of, and open to, all the possibilities and understanding of how to connect with both the physical and souls of my clients.

 As mother of two gifted Crystal-indigo children, and being an Indigo myself, I help to nurture these talents in my children. Walking through life, I grew up being aware of sensitive energy and did not understand why no one seemed to understood or feel the same things I did. I try to utilize that experience in my current practice.


We each have a major purpose. My chosen journey is to provide accurate advice and comfort to those individuals who cross my path. I believe that the angels who surround us have either passed on, or have been with each of us since birth, and come directly from spirit.

I believe there is a new thought process, or conscious way of being and understanding, available to us. I attempt to bring this to my clients. This consciousness offers the possibility for a better world with increased understanding and a higher level of tolerance and harmony, a new hope for all of us.


At times, each of us needs outside guidance that contains deep insight, love, and kindness. Allow me show you the path to true self-understanding and happiness.


I can help you to clear the karmic blockages that keep you from moving forward in this life.

You’ll be aided in learning how to grow and overcome obstacles to become the best person you can be.

Your reading can answer general questions and look at specific areas of concern.

 You will become more empowered from these messages and will take something unique from each session.

 If it is appropriate, you may hear from the archangels for specific healing.

 You will gain release from past traumas.

 We must remember that although we can predict the future, as human beings, we have the gift of free will.

Live in the present. Love and accept each moment, whether good or bad. Learn from each occurrence and person who enters your life.

Bring each experience to awareness.